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Elina Skripochnik PT, DPT is a Physical Therapist specializing in Women’s Health and Pediatrics. A New York City resident, Elina received her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from New York University.

As a child, my parents signed me and my brother up for karate, tennis, swimming, dance; I became a ballroom dancer and participated in professional competitions for several years. Being active was always encouraged in my family; they grew up in Russia on farmland where they were outside and engaged in physical activities all day.

I chose to pursue a career in Physical Therapy because I always had an affinity for connecting with people, and I wanted a career that would allow me to be active, while being able to help others. During my pursuit of the doctoral degree at New York University, I knew I wanted to specialize in pediatrics, but I also found myself drawn to Women’s Health. I ended up presenting several in-services regarding pregnancy and how to safely stay active during the prenatal and postpartum period. After I received my DPT from NYU, I worked in several pediatric settings such as Preschools, Early Intervention, and Outpatient care. Although I completed my doctoral training, I engaged in continuing education courses in pediatrics and women’s health in order to better my understanding, as well as my ability to help others know how to initiate and maintain safe training exercises.

I provide services for women who wish to lead a healthy and active lifestyle before, during, and after pregnancy. I wish to educate women on the benefits of being active during pregnancy, and help them through safe and easy methods that can be done in group settings, at home, or with my private help.

I provide services for the pediatric population, ranging from newborn to school age children. Your child does not necessarily need to have a physical or developmental delay to benefit from exercise and extra activity. I help parents understand important milestones and how you can facilitate your child in reaching those milestones. I aim to help parents connect with their children through activities that are both informative, and fun.

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