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Created and Led by a Pediatric Physical Therapist with over 10 years of experience, and 2 littles of her own.

Developmental Playgroups are created to help your child attain age appropriate gross motor skills through play in a warm, fun, and low-pressure environment while socializing with other children. Playgroups are open to children of all abilities and skill levels, and activities are tailored to each specific group. Playgroups are not meant to diagnose or treat specific concerns; if there is a specific concern, please feel free to schedule an individual evaluation.

Playgroups are held in spaces that provide ample opportunities for motor exploration and development, as well as sensory exploration and vestibular input. Playgroups are held indoors and outdoors (weather permitting) to incorporate various types of sensory play.

Playgroups include musical components mixed with movement and sensory play in order to help explore all of the senses while working on physical development through targeted activities and games. Activities may include obstacle courses, agility courses, and specific skill work based on age and physical abilities.

Parents are encouraged to participate with younger children, and independent play is encouraged with older children.

2024 Playgroups

Tummy Time and Beyond Playgroup

0-8 months

Tummy Time and Beyond Playgroups are perfect for parents who are looking to connect with their babies through play and socialization. Parents will learn how to safely handle their babies, practice different activities and positions that are age appropriate, and feel confident with upcoming motor milestones.

Each class addresses an age appropriate milestone and how you can help your baby reach that milestone. We explore a wide range of positions that help your baby develop new motor skills- including tummy time tips & tricks, sidelying play, and many more! Classes are complete with music, sensory play, and gross motor play.

Playgroups are a great way to meet other parents in the same stage of life, learn new skills for you and your baby with the guidance of a pediatric physical therapist, and make baby friends for your little one to grow with!

Sensory Explorers Playgroup

8-24 months

Sensory Explorers Playgroups are an interactive indoor/outdoor (weather permitting) sensory/movement class where children are encouraged to practice different age appropriate milestones, and parents learn how to incorporate strategic movement based activities during play.

Classes are thoughtfully created with each child in mind, and are set up in a fun, interactive, and low-pressure environment. Children are allowed to explore each activity within their own time frame, and ways to modify activities for children of different ages and abilities are discussed within the group. Movement songs, obstacle courses, various textures and sounds, and age appropriate toys will be provided based on the theme of the week.

Meet other parents, learn new skills with a pediatric physical therapist, and find friends for your little one to grow with!

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