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Individualized Physical Therapy Services are provided in a safe and inviting, child-centered environment. A plan of care is created with the family in order to attain goals that are relevant to the child and their specific needs.

As a Physical Therapist with years of experience, I have a vast knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology of the human body. Aside from our sessions; I make myself available to you via e-mail or phone, in case you have any questions about the treatment sessions with your child, or if you need any assistance with your child’s home exercises. I aim to make your child’s sessions safe and appropriate for their skill and energy level, and I accommodate the sessions based on their reactions and milestone development.

Our sessions are conducted in my private play-gym located in New Rochelle where you have to option of indoor or outdoor sessions (weather permitting), or through Telehealth visits.

Physical Therapy services address and include:

  • Developmental Motor Milestones
  • Developmental Delays
  • Motor Delays
  • Torticollis (Side Preference with Rotation and/or Tilt)
  • Plagiocephaly (Flat Head)
  • Movement and mobility
  • Strengthening
  • Motor learning
  • Balance and coordination
  • Sensory Integration
  • Daily care activities and routines
  • Tone management
  • Posture and Positioning
  • Endurance
  • Pain management
  • Prevention programs
  • Attaining age appropriate gross motor skills
  • Preparing children for age appropriate sports and other physical activities

Process of Pediatric Physical Therapy Sessions:

Initial Consultation:

A consultation consists of a medical, developmental, and social history. Initially I observe the child and how he/she interacts with their environment, then I take objective measures such as strength, range of motion, posture, balance, along with functional skills.  If needed, I administer standardized tests depending on the age of your child, score the test, and go over the results and recommendations. To complete the evaluation, we go over a home exercise program and create a plan going forward to address the goals that we set together.

Private Session:

Sessions greatly vary depending on the age of the child, needs of the child, and type of therapy child requires.  Generally, sessions consist of some or all of these components: postural component, balance component, sensory component, strength component, flexibility component, functional skills, motor control, developmental milestones.  Sessions are tailored to each individual child and progress at the rate which suits the child best.

With babies, parents are encouraged to participate in the session and are given ample time for hands on practice. With older children, if parents wish to participate, they are more than welcome to join, as long as the child is able to focus and benefits from the session.  I leave time for questions, home exercise program recommendations, and concerns.  

Group Session:

A group session is perfect for siblings if they work well together, or if you want to foster a sense of unity. Group sessions are also a great way to help introduce children into new social settings and improve social skills. Group sessions can be done in preparation for team sports and other team activities. 

Prices for Pediatric PT



30 Min Session


60 Min Session


Schedule a Consultation

During our consultation, we will discuss any issues, pains, or disabilities, as well as your goals and ways in which we can work toward attaining those goals.

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