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Elina’s email from June:
For the products, I’d like them to be separated into pediatrics and women’s health. I will link them to my amazon shop as opposed to having the items directly on the page. I will also link other sites that I am affiliated with

Black and White Learning Cube

Babies are attracted to black/white/grey shades because those are the shades they see best when young. Adding a sensory component through touch and sound helps engage babies and practices sensory integration

Balance Ball

The balance ball is useful for sitting activities, activities in prone, sidelying, or supine; you can work on balance, coordination, core strength, and vestibular input while performing activities with this ball.

Balance Beam

I like the textured material cover because it is less slippery for small feet vs the smooth plastic covers

O Ball

This ball can be used as a rattle, and then as your child gets older, you can work on grip strength, pushing and pulling small toys through the rings for fine motor skills, and throwing/catching games.

Mini Foam Roller (12″)

This smaller version of the foam roller is great for adding a balance and coordination component for sitting activities.

Half Round Foam Roller

A half round foam roller can be used for more advanced balance, part of an obstacle course, and, your baby can learn to crawl over it.

Spikey Hedge Balls

These are great in sensory bins, paired with O Ball for pushing/pulling through the rings, tossing and catching.

Spot Markers

Colorful spot markers give children great visual and tactile cues for activities such as jumping, throwing and ones that involve coordination and motor planning tasks.

Balance Disk

I love using simple balance disks for balance and foot strengthening activities; they are so versatile and can be used for sitting, standing, and bouncing activities.


This combination is great because it can be used separately or together. Ramps are great for vestibular and strengthening activities.


Scooterboards are great for vestibular input and strengthening activities. They can be used separately or as part of obstacle courses.

Alphabet and Number Flashcards with Wooden pieces

Incorporate these into Obstacle Courses, use as a Sensory Bin activity, and learn numbers/letters all at the same time (I love multipurpose toys and activities)

Bar and Mirror

A bar and mirror is a great piece of equipment for babies and new walkers. Babies can use the mirror during tummy time, kneeling, and sensory exploration, while new walkers can use the mirror to pull up and cruise with support.


Fun suction toys that work on hand strength while doing gross motor activities.

Balance Board

This balance board is great for static and dynamic balance activities.

Wooden Activity Cube

This cube can be used for tummy time practice, in sitting, in quadruped, tall kneeling, and can be used for standing play as your child begins to stand and balance.

Indoor Trampoline

Great way to work on jumping skills as well as get some energy out.

BOSU Balance Trainer

This is a more advanced version of a Balance Disk- you can use both sides of the BOSU to vary the difficulty of balance exercise.

Crawl Tunnel and Ball Pit

Tunnels are great ways to encourage crawling and target proprioception, ball pits are great for body awareness, sensory input, and other gross motor skills.

Ring Toss and Beanbag Toss Game

Rings, Cones, and Beanbags are great versatile toys. They can be used separately or in conjunction with each other to form obstacle courses.

Indoor Wooden Playgym

This is great to have during the quarantine or if you cannot go to the playground to work on climbing skills (hand strengthening, coordination, motor planning) and provide vestibular input through slides.


This subscription kit grows with your child and provides age appropriate developmental toys.  It takes the guesswork out of what toys you should get at each new stage in your child's development
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Stepping Stones

This stepping stone set is great for obstacle courses and targeting skills such as balance, coordination, motor planning, and body awareness. It can be used through a wide age range, and with some creativity, you can get tons of activities out of it.


This versatile set is great for obstacle courses and targeting skills such as balance, coordination, motor planning, and body awareness. It can be used through a wide age range, and with some creativity, you can get tons of activities out of it.

Tubby Todd

We love these products because they are clean, cruelty free, and great for sensitive skin.  Our faves are the body wash/shampoo and the ointment, but they have a wide range of products that are great for babies, toddlers, and parents.
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