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Frequency (How often you should exercise)

This is determined by your pre-pregnancy activity level and other health factors. 

  • If you were very active before, then you should be able to continue your exercise regimen given that you are feeling well and are following appropriate safety measures.
  • If you did not exercise before pregnancy, it is recommended that you build up your activity level to more frequent exercise. Once you are cleared by your doctor, you can begin exercising 2-3 time a week, and work your way up to exercising on most days of the week.
  • It is recommended that you exercise for shorter periods of time, a few days a week rather than trying to fit in a long exercise session once or twice a week. This will help improve your muscle memory, your muscle tone and strength, your endurance, and balance.

Intensity (How hard you should exercise)

This is determined by your pre-pregnancy activity level and other health factors

  • Low to moderate intensity of exercise is recommended for most women who did not exercise pre-pregnancy
  • The point of exercising during pregnancy is not to lose weight, become a bodybuilder, or triathlete. You are exercising to keep your body strong and healthy while you carry your baby, to help during the birthing process, and to help you get back to shape once you have your baby. That being said, you don’t want to lift heavy weights, perform strenuous exercise, and do something that will leave you feeling breathless and uncomfortable.
  • You want to exercise at a steady pace so that you are still able to talk while you are exercising.  You want to be able to always control your breathing, so any exercise that makes you hold your breath or feel faint, is probably something you will want to make easier or discontinue until you can do it safely.

Time (How long you should exercise)

  • Studies have shown that you get better results from shorter, more frequent sessions, rather than longer sessions once or twice a week.
  • 10-30 minutes of exercise a day is enough to leave lasting effects on your body.
  • You can break up your exercise into 2- 15 minute sessions a day.
  • Optimally you want to be exercising 5 days a week, 30 minutes a day

Type (What type of exercise is best for you)

There are many types of exercises that are safe for pregnant women.

Simple, can be done almost anywhere, easy on your joints

Helps keep your body toned, does not put extra weight or stress on your joints

Prenatal Yoga:
Easy on the body, helps with breathing

Prenatal Pilates:
Helps with core strengthening

Good way to get your heart rate up and keep active; avoid excess spinning and jumping

Light weights:
Help with muscle strengthening, muscle tone, muscle endurance

Physioball exercises:
Incorporates balance, strengthening, endurance, and provides an alternative to being on the floor while exercising

Pelvic exercises:
Helps improve pelvic floor muscles to help with incontinence (during and after pregnancy), help with labor and delivery

Strengthening Exercises
for large and small muscle groups are great for your body as long as you are being safe and do not put a strain on your body.

  • Avoid any exercise that involves excessive jumping, hopping, or bouncing
  • Avoid any exercise that has a risk of you falling or getting injured
  • Stretching before, during, or after exercise is a touchy subject because your body is flooded with hormones (Relaxin) that help relax your muscles and joints, especially in your pelvic area. This can lead to instability and a higher chance of injuring yourself. If you chose to stretch, do so with caution and awareness that your body is already doing some of the stretching for you due to the hormones and changes you are going through.
  • ALWAYS listen to your body. Do what feels good, and if it feels painful, uncomfortable, or something is not right, then stop what you are doing.

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