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What is Neutral Spine:

A neutral spine means that none of the joints are bent, the spine is aligned and not twisted. Most people have natural curves in their spine, it is not a straight line. A neutral spine is the optimal position of the curvatures in your spine.
-slightly arched lower back, slightly rounded upper back

Why is it important to have a neutral spine:

Many people tend to over exaggerate the curves in their spine, placing extra stress on the joints and leaving them exposed to injuries and pain. When you achieve a neutral spine, you will have the least amount of stress placed on your spine and the tissues surrounding it. With a neutral spine, you will be able to attain optimal balance, improve breathing, improve circulation to the tissues, and decrease your chances of injury

How to attain a neutral spine:

In Quadruped:

  • Begin on your hands and knees with a straight spine
  • Arch your lower back and move your stomach toward the floor
  • Round your back as much as you can
  • Repeat arching (full extension) and rounding (full flexion) your back a few times until you get comfortable, and begin narrowing in on a position between the two extremes that makes you feel the most pain free and balanced. That is your neutral spine.

Against a wall, in standing, or tall kneel.

  • Begin with your back flat
  • Arch your spine so that you stick your stomach out and your pelvis moves down and backward
  • Round round your spine so that you are squeezing your stomach in and your pelvis moves up and forward
  • Repeat arching and rounding your back a few times until you feel pain free and balanced.

*This is a great exercise for your pelvis and your core.

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